Oral Prophylaxis:

Professional cleaning:

Oral hygiene helps to maintain good oral health and so the general health. Poor oral hygiene leads to severe dental and medical problems. Regular dental cleaning helps to prevent these problems and gives you whiter smile.

Dental caries, Bad breath, Gum diseasesPeriodontal diseases that leads to loss of teeth, Oral cancer, Heart disease

Scaling and Polishing :

Dental scaling and polishing is recommended to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and is usually advised once every six months depending on the oral condition of a patient. Infections and diseases can spread from the mouth to the rest of the body and can have an impact on the overall health of the individual. Hence, it is important to maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Scaling removes plaque and tartar and polishing removes stains and the remaining plaque while smoothening and shining the teeth so that dental plaque cannot attach easily to tooth surfaces.

So, visit your dentist once in six months and have your teeth cleaned. After cleaning, the teeth are polished to smoothen the enamel and prevent accumulation of deposits over the teeth.

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